Monday, November 19, 2012

Ibiza Hotels: San Antonio Or Ibiza Town?


San Antonio has some of Ibiza's cheapest hotel rooms which range from very basic hostel beds to all inclusive packages in faceless but fun highrise hotels. Although you can find cheap hotels in San Antonio, as the old adage goes - you get what you pay for. Because a central San Antonio location is prime real estate for clubbing holidays in Ibiza you do tend to pay for the location rather than the quality (or lack there of) of the hotel. A few minutes down the coast road in San Antonio bay you can find equally cheap Ibiza hotels but of a slightly higher standard.

Ibiza Town hotels are by and large aimed at a more discerning market. While you can find cheap deals out of season in the summer months you'll be paying full rack rates for Ibiza Town hotels which are on par with other international Spanish resorts like Barcelona or Madrid. Expect to pay in excess of 100/ night for a basic room in most Ibiza Town hotels. Ibiza Town also has a number of top or the range 5 star hotels which, as you'd expect, don't come cheap.

In the area

San Antonio is a great base for clubbing holidays and is perfect for big groups of party animals who want to be in the thick of Ibiza's famous nightlife scene. It has a beach, which following developments in recent years, is perfectly adequate if not especially picturesque. San Antonio harbour will connect you with regular boat services to all the best beaches or the nightly boat parties which happen throughout the summer. For families there's really not much to be said for staying in a hotel in San Antonio- there's better resorts on the east and north coasts for you.

Ibiza Town on the East Coast of Ibiza has a number of geographical benefits. If you choose a hotel in Ibiza Town you'll have easy access to the great east coast beaches which lye to the north and south of the capital (although Ibiza Town itself doesn't have a beach). The absence of a beach means you get easy access to the harbour and you're only a short drive from the airport.

Eating and drinking

San Antonio really isn't the culinary capital of Ibiza. You may have the choice of booking an all inclusive package for your Ibiza hotel, the food on such packages is rarely inspired but few restaurants in San Antonio are exceptional either with many of the tourist haunts serving generic fare. For drinking though you'll be spoiled for choice with stacks of bars from chilled out sunset cafes like the famous Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo, bussling club bars in the West End or cool, characteristic places on the beach front like Bar M.

Ibiza Town is the place for foodies in Ibiza. Choose your Ibiza hotels in or around Ibiza Town and you'll have the chance to sample authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Ibiza's old town area set against a romantic backdrop. There's plenty of bars to choose from in Ibiza Town as well. The best are the classy cocktail places around the waterfront.


San Antonio comes alive at night. As most holidaymakers who book their hotels in Ibiza for San Antonio are young party people you can be guaranteed a good time if you stay here. At sunset the party gets started on the rocks around Cafe Del Mar. Later in the evening things get raucous in the pre-club bars of the West End where cheap drinks flow freely and loud commercial house music sets the scene. After midnight the party will either move to one of the out of town clubs like Amnesia or you can choose to stay in San Antonio at either Eden or Es Paradis, both world famous nightspots in their own right which attract world class DJ's each night of the week.

Ibiza Town isn't quite as rowdy as San Antonio. Although you can still find cheap music bars in Ibiza Town the mood is, on the whole, more sophisticated on this side of the island. Ibiza Town is also home to the original Pacha, one of the worlds most famous clubs which attracts it's fair share of DJ talent including weekly sets by the likes of David Guetta and Erick Morillo.

So now you've got the lowdown on each resort where will you stay for your Ibiza holiday? Whichever resort you choose you'll find a great range of Ibiza hotels waiting to accomodate you. Enjoy your holidays.

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