Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Equity Loans For Bad Credit: How To Lower Costs

There is a general belief that when a mortgage loan is secured, it means two or three decades in servitude to the lender. But this is a grossly exaggerated idea. The truth is that lending options develop as the mortgage is being repaid. Getting a home equity loan for bad credit management purposes is a perfect example.

The mechanics are simple. As the mortgage sum owed decreases, that equity value of the property increases. And, as the market value of the property increases, so too does the equity. This equity can be used as security when trying to meet the criteria for loan approval for smaller sums when the applicant has a poor credit history.

The advantage of home equity loans is that it makes even large loans possible to get, with sums ranging between ,000 and 0,000 commonly approved by lenders. But these loans are repaid with interest, so knowing how to save on that cost can mean thousands in savings every year. There are 3 key ways to keep costs at a minimum.

Check Your Credit Report

The first step is to get a copy of your credit report and examine the specifics of it. When looking for home equity loans for bad credit management, it seems only logical that the applicants knows the accurate state of their credit status.

The principal purpose is to recognize where a loan strategy should focus on in order to meet the criteria for loan approval. For example, should a strategy concentrate on paying off debts individually, or in getting one large consolidation loan?

Getting a credit report is not hard. Simply apply to one of the three credit agencies - Experian, Equifax or TransUnion - and pay a fee, and within just a few days the report is delivered. The information is invaluable when preparing to apply for a home equity loan, so the fee is well worth the cost.

Improve Your Credit Score

Once the details of your report are known, and the areas to concentrate any strategy on is identified, it is possible to begin to turn the tables and improve the credit score before applying for a home equity loan for bad credit. If the score can be improved, then means significant savings every month.

There is only one way to improve the score, and that is in repaying existing loans. This can be done either by taking out a consolidation loan with which to repay all of the existing debt, and then repay the new loan at more competitive interest rate. With each of the individual loans repaid, the score is increased thus making the criteria for loan approval easier.

A second way to improve your credit score before applying for a home equity loan is to take out a series of smaller personal loans. These can be used to repay individual debts one at a time. Payday loans are the most common funding option, requiring the new loan to be repaid in 30 days.

Consider the Loan Term

A third way to improve the affordability of a home equity loan for bad credit is to extend the term of the loan to the maximum. This has pros and cons, but the immediate effect is to see the monthly repayment sum lowered considerably.

A typical repayment on a ,000 over 10 years might be 0. However, the same amount over 20 years could be lowered to just 0, and meeting the income criteria for loan approval simpler.

The compromise is that the amount of interest is far greater thanks to the increased number of payment installments. But, in terms of making a home equity loan affordable, it is a highly effective option.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paco Rabanne - Fashion Brand History

Francisco de Rabanne da Cuervo, known the world over as Paco Rabanne, was born in San Sebastian, Spain on February 18, 1934. During the Spanish civil war, he fled to France together with his mother who was then the Chief Seamstress at the Spanish salon of Balenciaga.

Paco studied architecture at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and graduated in 1964. To finance his studies, he produced fashion accessories made of plastic for Givenchy, Dior and Balenciaga. His career as a designer started in 1965 when he presented his "Unwearables" - a collection of 12 experimental contemporary dresses, which included his first plastic dress. The following year he opened his own outlet that featured metal-linked plastic-disc dresses and accessories made of plastic. His outlandish and flamboyant fashion statements totally veered away from tradition with the use of new materials and earned him the title "enfant terrible" of French fashion.

Soon, Paco Rabanne was a name to reckon with and was first in mind as a costume designer for cinema, theater and ballet. One particular standout costume he designed was for Barbarella which gathered a cult following. Although his style may have been considered bizarre and outlandish, his creations had a major influence in changing the face of fashion by pushing the boundaries of acceptable street clothing.

In 1969, he released his first fragrance, "Calandre." Today, Paco Rabanne has a popular fragrance range of 36 fragrances.

In the 80s, his creations were set apart by the use of unusual materials such as crinkled paper, cotton toweling, aluminum, patchwork leather, ostrich feathers and upholstery tassels. In 1989, Paco Rabanne was honored with the Golden Thimble Award during the First International Festival of Fashion. A year later, he opened his Paris boutique on the rue de Cherche Midi, the interiors of which were designed and constructed based on themes of metal, glass and light. It was at this point in time when Paco Rabanne came out with his women's ready-to-wear line that moved away from the usual metallic and plastic materials and started to use softer man-made fabrics like sofrina and amaretto.

Rabanne wrote several books, notable of which were "Trajectoire" (1991) and "Journey: From One Life to Another" (1997) which were personal accounts of his search for spiritual understanding and how he has applied the results of this search to his creative work. These were followed by "Le Temps Presente", "La Fin des Temps", "Has The Countdown Begun?" as well as "The Dawn of the Golden Age". His writings reveal his deep-seated interested in mysticism, astrology, out-of-body experiences and close encounters with God.

In 1999, at the age of 34, Paco Rabanne presented his final collection and retired, leaving the designing for the House of Rabanne to the younger designers and allowing himself the time to explore other art forms. By 2005, he opened the first ever exhibition of his drawings in Moscow, including a sketch dedicated to the 2004 Beslan school massacre. "I want this drawing to be sold and the money to be given to the women of Beslan," the designer said.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ibiza Hotels: San Antonio Or Ibiza Town?


San Antonio has some of Ibiza's cheapest hotel rooms which range from very basic hostel beds to all inclusive packages in faceless but fun highrise hotels. Although you can find cheap hotels in San Antonio, as the old adage goes - you get what you pay for. Because a central San Antonio location is prime real estate for clubbing holidays in Ibiza you do tend to pay for the location rather than the quality (or lack there of) of the hotel. A few minutes down the coast road in San Antonio bay you can find equally cheap Ibiza hotels but of a slightly higher standard.

Ibiza Town hotels are by and large aimed at a more discerning market. While you can find cheap deals out of season in the summer months you'll be paying full rack rates for Ibiza Town hotels which are on par with other international Spanish resorts like Barcelona or Madrid. Expect to pay in excess of 100/ night for a basic room in most Ibiza Town hotels. Ibiza Town also has a number of top or the range 5 star hotels which, as you'd expect, don't come cheap.

In the area

San Antonio is a great base for clubbing holidays and is perfect for big groups of party animals who want to be in the thick of Ibiza's famous nightlife scene. It has a beach, which following developments in recent years, is perfectly adequate if not especially picturesque. San Antonio harbour will connect you with regular boat services to all the best beaches or the nightly boat parties which happen throughout the summer. For families there's really not much to be said for staying in a hotel in San Antonio- there's better resorts on the east and north coasts for you.

Ibiza Town on the East Coast of Ibiza has a number of geographical benefits. If you choose a hotel in Ibiza Town you'll have easy access to the great east coast beaches which lye to the north and south of the capital (although Ibiza Town itself doesn't have a beach). The absence of a beach means you get easy access to the harbour and you're only a short drive from the airport.

Eating and drinking

San Antonio really isn't the culinary capital of Ibiza. You may have the choice of booking an all inclusive package for your Ibiza hotel, the food on such packages is rarely inspired but few restaurants in San Antonio are exceptional either with many of the tourist haunts serving generic fare. For drinking though you'll be spoiled for choice with stacks of bars from chilled out sunset cafes like the famous Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo, bussling club bars in the West End or cool, characteristic places on the beach front like Bar M.

Ibiza Town is the place for foodies in Ibiza. Choose your Ibiza hotels in or around Ibiza Town and you'll have the chance to sample authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Ibiza's old town area set against a romantic backdrop. There's plenty of bars to choose from in Ibiza Town as well. The best are the classy cocktail places around the waterfront.


San Antonio comes alive at night. As most holidaymakers who book their hotels in Ibiza for San Antonio are young party people you can be guaranteed a good time if you stay here. At sunset the party gets started on the rocks around Cafe Del Mar. Later in the evening things get raucous in the pre-club bars of the West End where cheap drinks flow freely and loud commercial house music sets the scene. After midnight the party will either move to one of the out of town clubs like Amnesia or you can choose to stay in San Antonio at either Eden or Es Paradis, both world famous nightspots in their own right which attract world class DJ's each night of the week.

Ibiza Town isn't quite as rowdy as San Antonio. Although you can still find cheap music bars in Ibiza Town the mood is, on the whole, more sophisticated on this side of the island. Ibiza Town is also home to the original Pacha, one of the worlds most famous clubs which attracts it's fair share of DJ talent including weekly sets by the likes of David Guetta and Erick Morillo.

So now you've got the lowdown on each resort where will you stay for your Ibiza holiday? Whichever resort you choose you'll find a great range of Ibiza hotels waiting to accomodate you. Enjoy your holidays.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Terms Of Triple Net Leases

There are many different terms floating around that describe triple net leases for sale. Some of these are NNN leases, true net lease, triple N leases, net net net leases or even the "hell or high water" lease. For the sake of continuity, this article will refer to them as triple net leases throughout.

Most definitions agree that triple net leases for sale is one in which the lessee pays rent to the lessor, as well as all taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses that arise from the use of the property. For the most part, businesses like fast food restaurants, chains and national retailers are most apt to use a triple net lease. At a typical busy intersection a person can look around and see many recognizable names that use triple net leases, such as Wal Mart, Wendy's, Home Depot, Office Max, etc.

Like with any type of leasing contract between an owner and a tenant, triple net leases for sale lays out who is responsible for what as far as paying the bills. In this type of lease the obligations will always lie heavily on the side of the renter, as the above definition states. Although this may seem an unfair advantage for the owner, the terms of the triple net lease have pluses and minuses that lie with both the landlord and the lessee. Let's look at a few of these for each side.

Advantages/Disadvantages for the owner:

-Since the lessee is responsible for taxes, any property tax increase on the property is going to be at the expense of the renter. The landlord may not feel it is worth his time to lobby against a pending tax increase because he will not be responsible for paying it. On the other hand, if a tax increase goes through and the tenant moves out, it may be very difficult to find a new renter if the taxes are prohibitive.

-Another advantage for the landlord is that the lessee is the responsible party for acquiring property insurance and keeping up with the payments. This is all well and good as long as the insurance is a reputable and complete coverage and the person making the payments is not experiencing any unforeseen financial problems.

On the downside, if a tenant is undergoing money difficulties, it is not unheard of for them to inflict willful damage to the property in order to collect the insurance money. To counteract this, some owners will stipulate that a reserve fund, or bond will figure in as part of the triple net lease agreement. This is an amount that the tenant will regularly pay into an account that will accrue over time and be used in case of financial difficulties or bankruptcy.

-A very attractive advantage of the triple net lease for the landlord is the fact that a building can generate a high level of income with very little input or effort. Since the tenants are responsible for the maintenance of their leases, they are usually very agreeable with keeping things in good condition and even making improvements at their own expense.

Advantages/Disadvantages for the Tenant:

-With triple net leases for sale, a tenant can enjoy many of the upsides of ownership such as control over the property that does not involve the large capital outlay that goes along with actually buying a new office or building.

-A triple net lease is usually written for a term of at least fifteen years and could be as much as fifty years. This benefits the lessee in that during this time the money paid as rent will see very little, if any increase over the length of the contract. This can be a great advantage of "rent control" in a time that typically sees rent increases occurring yearly with gross leasing contracts.

-A renter can initially, during the contract negotiation stage, bargain for a cap to be put in on how high property taxes can raise. After a certain agreed upon amount is reached, the landlord becomes responsible for covering any amount over the cap limit. Lessees can also try and negotiate similar limits to be set on insurance premiums and maintenance/upkeep costs.

In reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the triple net lease, one thing stands very clear - it is of paramount importance that the terms of the contract be made very clear to both parties. The contract should be thoroughly read by both the landlord and lessee before finalizing. It is always also a good idea to seek out and consult a lawyer who deals primarily with real estate issues to help get things finalized to the satisfaction of both parties.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clients Must Know the Nitty-Gritty of the Billeasing Scams Prior to Grabbing It

A heavenly ride in a luxury model breezing past and speeding ahead of the others is a dream cherished by all without exception. But buying a car requires investing a cosmic amount. A few of us can afford to shell out a lump sum amount to enjoy the ride behind the wheel. For them the billeasing is an appealing alternative to feel the same degree of excitement without getting worried over coughing out a huge bulk.

The option of Flex leasing is attractive to the buyers who find it easy to accept a term of monthly payment. Though undoubtedly the billeasing is an advantageous option for a certain group of buyers, still it is not free from pitfalls. The whole gamut of car purchasing program is done through a very transparent process. On the other hand, the leasing procedures do not offer so much transparency to the buyers. The lack of disclosures in case of the leasing program is responsible for kicking up the cases of the leasing scams which hoodwink the customers into believing that they have bagged the best deal available into the market. But in reality they have let them slip into the great trouble. So gripping the nitty-gritty of the billeasing scams will protect the average customers from getting involved into any sort of hardship in future.

Articulating the facility of lower interest:

Some of the dealers purposefully quote the lower rate of interest while in reality it is much higher. They exclude amortization of security deposit to keep the rate at a lower level. Prior to jumping to grab the Flex leasing option, one should fully understand the calculation criteria as used by the dealer. >

Absence of any security deposit:

The amount of deposit factors a lot in the billeasing program. If any dealer is professing of demanding a nil amount of security, most probably he or she is speaking with a forked tongue. So never let yourself get trapped into the faux promises of the Flex leasing dealer.

Inclusion of the extended lease facility:

The dealers often fob off extra expenses upon you to inflate their profit. Fitting extra warranty period into the billeasing program is a clever way of wrenching more out of the clients. The clause of warranty has already been slipped into the lease contract. So you do not need to spend an extra amount for extended lease program that is beyond your capability and necessity.

Termination of lease program:

Termination of lease program requires paying fines as included in the contract paper of the billeasing. The termination administrative penalty is at great variance with the termination fee. So never be complacent with the paltry amount of the termination administrative policy. The later type of penalty will cut holes into your pocket. If you are not satisfied with the offers of the billeasing dealer, search another deal that suits both your needs and pocket.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Home Loans

Given the current scenario of the housing market, purchasing a property that you could call your dream home is not easy by any stretch of imagination. The sharp rise in the prices of real estate is a cause of concern for many people who wish to buy a house of their own. If you are restricted by your budget, you can always get a home loan to buy that house you always wanted. However, you need to be eligible for the home loan. Here we describe the Axis Bank home loan eligibility criteria which is not that different from other Indian banks.

To be eligible for a home loan, you need to be a salaried individual or a professional or self employed.

In essence, you must have a source of regular income to meet the eligibility criteria. This is not difficult to understand since the bank expects repayment of the loan, and an earning individual is more likely to repay a loan. In other words, the risk involved in lending money to an earning person is less, and that is why most banks including Axis Bank offer loans to people with a steady income. Now let us discuss the above listed categories in detail.

1. Salaried Individual: You should be a permanent employee in a government based company or a reputed private company. Bank account details and salary slips can be produced in the form of documents. If you are a salaried individual, you can apply for a home loan. If your spouse falls under this category, the loan can be applied in his/her name.

2. Professional: Professionals; that is, doctors, engineers, dentists, architects, charted accountants, management consultants, company secretary, cost accountants only are eligible to apply for a home loan from Axis Bank.

3. Self Employed: If you are running a business or if you have a different source of income, and if you have been regular in filling your income tax, you can apply.

In addition to the above, there are several other factors that determine your Axis Bank home loan eligibility.

1. Income - How much you rake in each month determines the amount of loan you are eligible for. Axis Bank usually keeps the EMI to income ratio between 50% and 60

%2. Age - The applicant should be at least 24 years of age at the time of loan commencement and up to the age of 60 years or superannuation (up to 65 years or less in case of professionals and self-employed individuals) at the time of loan maturity.

3. Interest Rates - Loan eligibility is inversely proportional to the interest rate. If your applicable interest rate is low, your loan eligibility will be high and vice-versa

4. Loan Tenure - The longer your loan tenure, greater the loan amount you would be eligible for.

5. Existing Loans - As a standard, Axis Bank tries to keep the EMI to income ratio between 50 and 60 percent. In case you have any existing loans, the eligibility amount for the new loan will be reduced to maintain that EMI to income ratio.

6. Credit History - Axis Bank also checks your credit history from CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Ltd.), which is India's first credit information bureau. They have a repository of information containing the credit history of consumer and commercial borrowers. This information is available in the form of credit information reports. To ensure that you meet the Axis Bank home loan eligibility criteria, you can access your own credit report by visiting the CIBIL website.