Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Home Loans With Bad Credit: What Factors To Consider

There was a time when seeking a home loan with bad credit was considered a waste of effort. But times have changed with the variety of mortgage options available to give even bad credit borrowers a chance to secure the funds they need. There are factors that need to be considered too, though.

The challenge for all of us is to convince lenders that their investment will be repaid in full. But finding the right lender is where the real challenge lies, one that is willing to take a different view of credit history or low credit scores. This is where non-conforming lenders come into play.

It is essential to accept that normal criteria need to be met too before any application can be considered. But the good news is that there are always home loan lending options to consider.

Why Loans Are Declined

It might not seem fair that lenders are so willing to turn down loan applications, and on the face of it, that is true. But when it comes to applying for home loans with bad credit, it is only logical that the chances of getting approval should be affected. Banks and traditional lenders have strict lending policies, and this is well known.

For the lender, the risk of losing on their investment drives them towards setting high interest rates and strict rules. So,if the credit score for two or more applicants is the same, then the application outcome will be the same too. This is where non-conforming lenders becomes such a good idea.

These lenders approach the loan application differently, and are not likely to condemn an application due to past mistakes. So, even for an applicant who had been declared bankrupt some years earlier, the opportunity to get a home loan is not completely lost.

What Is the Non-Conformist Option?

Generally, the best place to get a home loan with bad credit is from a specialist mortgage broker, not through an established bank. This is because a broker has a network of contacts that is usually wider than the banks, because the banks set themselves difficult terms.

A key element of this network is non-conforming lenders, who are experts in dealing with bad credit borrowers. They assess applications based on the Rate-at-Risk value of the application. It means that applications are never rejected. The terms are set according to the degree of risk associated with the deal, and it is up to the borrower to accept them or not.

Of course, this is where your mortgage broker earns their money, with your application presented in the best manner possible so as to ensure getting the lowest interest rate and best repayment schedule possible. And is it comes to a time to get the home loan, the repayments are therefore as reasonable as possible.

What Options Are There?

There are always options available, even when the idea of getting a home loan with bad credit seems impossible. The first step is to get a copy of your credit report from one of the credit agencies to see where exactly the weaknesses lie in your application.

The loan strategy can vary depending on the information contained in your credit report. However, if there are any defaults or late payments on your record, set about clearing them first. It may be true that non-conforming lenders look at applications slightly differently, but it is still necessary to do something to improve the credit score.

Also, consider taking out a consolidation loan to deal with all of the unsecured debts, and lower the monthly repayments that exist. This improves the debt-to-income ratio as well as the credit score. So, when it comes to applying for a home loan, the terms are better with the interest rates charged much lower.

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