Sunday, June 10, 2012


Stphane Malhomme has worn many hats during his career. He has worked in online project management, leading teams of employees toward miscellaneous project completions. He also worked as a recruiter, in human resources, searching for and hiring executives worldwide including Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo and Montreal. Some of his side projects have included website design, search engine optimization,media, budget management, IT, finance and engineering.

He primarily worked in the recruitment industry, executive search industry, project management, internet services, media and is BPS Certified A& B and earned a Comprehensive Project Management Certificate and a BA in European Business Administration. He is also a bilingual recruiter speaking both English and French. For much of his career he was a self employed entrepreneur. He also is a business writer creating articles for commercial business newspapers and print for a variety of readers. Business writing requires a skill set that fits the strict demands including language capabilities and relevant business knowledge. His readers are usually cutting edge individuals and is on the same level and above as far as business knowledge and experience having been a successful entrepreneur. His business writings are marketed both on and off line.

Some of the companies he has worked for are Eurostar in London, Bosch Power Tools in France, Wall Street Associates in Tokyo and Hong Kong, The National Post in Toronto, Canada, British American Tobacco in Montreal, Canada, Ingram Executive Search in Dubai and Michel Pauze et Associates in Montreal, Canada.

His education includes attending the following schools - Lyce Albert Camus, Montreal, Conakry, Lycee International jean Perrin, McGill University, Middlesex University, and the Republic of Guinea, Hendon to name a few.

Stphane grew up in Carpentras, France and was totally captivated by the travel bug for the majority of his life, living from one time to another on virtually all continents, for many years at a time. Some of the places he has lived are Monteux,France, Conakry in the Republic of Guinea, Lyons, France, Reims, France, London, UK, Paris, France, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Dubai, Montreal, Canada, Toronto, Canada and Montreal, Canada.

Personally, Stphane is said to be extremely versatile linguistically, professionally and socially. He has varied interests including playing guitar casually, keeping up his blog related to music, swimming, movies, volleyball and reading.

Stphane Malhomme is a well rounded, very interesting individual that is well versed in many subjects and industries. His world travels showcase his versatility in his ability to work and consult all over the world. He has accomplished more than most individuals do in their entire lives. There will more than likely be more heard of Stphane Malhomme over the next several years as he continues to write and post the latest news in the business sector and of his many travels and life experiences.

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