Thursday, May 3, 2012

Impact of reduced government benefits to help people and rate of people getting income protection

What happens when you become so sick that you can no longer work and therefore, you are unable to support your family? What happens if you meet with an accident that would incapacitate you so much that you are no longer able to work? What would you do about getting enough money to take care of yourself and your family?

Government Benefits How Much These Can Protect You

The benefits are designed for subsistence. These are further reduced today because of stricter and more comprehensive medical tests that are imposed by the Government post the Welfare Reforms. So, what happens? You end up with very limited income and very little else. The reduced Government benefits today hardly provide subsistence; forget about enabling you paying all the bills that need to be paid.

The protection that the Government Welfare Program offers you is now just a tiny bridge to help you roll until you get the next job. That is, you get the minimum possible financial help for survival. But you cannot subsist for long on such welfare. So what do you do if you are too sick to start working in a few months? Most people - if they have to depend upon the reduced Government benefits either have to get something up to earn extra or really start living at subsistence levels.

Or You Can Get Income Protection

You decide whether it is a wise choice to take out income protection or not. The impact of reduced Government benefits to help people has indeed motivated many to avail of income protection insurance. This would ensure that you do not really rely upon the reduced Government benefits to pay your bills. This would ensure that you do not worry too much about cash when you are already burdened by sickness or other stuff.

The demand for income protection has shot up because people no longer rely on the Government benefits for the simple reason that it is not enough anymore and hence, people cannot reply upon it. This becomes even more critical if they are small children to support.

The factors that need to be looked at when one take out income protection insurance is the amount needed to sustain your family comfortably when you are unable to work over a prolonged period. The number of people who are consciously choosing to get income protection insurance is fast growing.

The issue is that government handouts even if only required for a short period of time if your income drops for some reason is only for a small amount and should not be depended on.

It is better to take your financial situation under your own control by trying to do what you can to not have to depend on the government to take care of you and your families needs.

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